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What Makes A Great Website?

Creating a brilliant website is a difficult task as for a website to be truly brilliant it must be perfect for purpose. There are many purposes for a website and this means the design and functionality of websites will vary, with that said we think there are certain elements that a business’s website should have in order to for it to be fit for purpose.


When someone visit’s your website for the first time you need to quickly grab their attention and showcase your main selling point of your product or service. Your strapline should only be one sentence, worded effectively so that your message is portrayed simply and efficiently. It’s also worth making it stand out, using bold text or a drastic colour to ensure your strapline is immediately observed.

Call to action about the business

Every website must have a purpose, without one there would be no need for a website to be built. With that said somewhere within every companies’ website there should be a call to action. Whether it’s a contact form for a companies’ service or simply telling you the location of a business that’s website’s purpose is to showcase the company, regardless of the purpose there should always be a way in which the user can interact with the business.

User friendly navigation

Although you would think this is straight forward and almost impossible to get wrong you would be heavily surprised by the amount of websites with broken links or a menu that doesn’t allow easy navigation from one page to another. User friendly navigation is a fundamental in website development, as without it your users will become frustrated with your site and as a result of that also your business. It’s important to get the simple things right.

Contact info

Without information on how to contact your business then the website is almost pointless. Regardless of the purpose, someone who visits your website may want to speak with you before buying a product or service, or even just want some more information on a matter, either way if they can’t get in touch with you then you’re high percentage.

About Us page

The internet can be a untrustworthy at times, with scam artists becoming ever more frequent it’s always good practice to give background information on your business, your history, your services and your staff. This way you’re giving users more peace of mind when using your website.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the difference between a website getting 100 views per month and website getting 1000 hits per month. With various techniques in order to ensure that your website meets the criteria of search engines you can boost your website’s ranking and ensure more traffic to your site.


Throughout a website there should be consistency. Not only in your colour scheme and images but in every element possible. Obviously you’re not going to want every page to have the same layout, your home page should be gripping and get people’s attention where as your contact us page should be more focused on providing space for your user to view details and communicate with your business. Overall you should stick within parameters set at the start to ensure that your website is consistent and as user friendly as possible, the last thing you want is your users getting confused looking for things and leave your site.


When choosing a font there are two different types, serif and sans serif. Serif fonts have additional strokes at the end of strokes within the letter. Sans-serif do not have these. When choosing your style and font for a website you should consider the purpose of your website, it’s audience and it’s functionality before deciding your font. As a general rule most website’s content is usually set in sans-serif as it’s easier to read at smaller sizes.

Great images

They say a picture paints 1000 words and when it comes to websites it couldn’t be more true. With the boom in social media online users are scrolling past text more than ever (hence Instagram’s huge success). In order to grab your user’s attention, use graphics that stand out, are relevant and of good quality. One quick tip, make sure that your images have good enough resolution to appeal to your audience but also a file size that is low enough to also load quickly.

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