How Design Impacts Your Marketing

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How Design Impacts Your Marketing

In order for your marketing campaign to be successful it must first be noticed. It is only when your creative design and business are seamlessly aligned that your brand will catch your prospects’ attention and keep them interested, above all the noise of competing messages. In order for design to work hand in hand with your business strategy we think you should remember the following:

A well-executed design…

  • Communicates your brand
  • Creates a consistent language to reinforce your specific offering in the minds of your audience
  • Creates a visual hierarchy to tell your story in a clear and enticing way with visual cues
  • Is far more than an attractive aesthetic—it is compelling and drives conversions
  • Guides where the user’s eye goes first on a page, evokes emotions through imagery and colour
  • Uses typography, font sizes and emphasis to support messaging in a powerful way.
  • If your design is done properly then it will do the following:

    Motivate a person to take action – Beautiful design will motivate a person to convert by creating desire for your product or service.

    Reduce their anxiety towards the action – Beautiful design will reduce anxiety towards conversion by addressing any fears and concerns a user might have around your product or service.

    Provide a clear, easy path to conversion – Beautiful design will provide an easy path to conversion by making it clear what the conversion action is and removing any obstacles or distractions that may prevent the user from taking the action.

    Being conscientious about design and user experience can create exceptional returns for your business. Be thoughtful, test your assumptions and designs, measure which ones perform better, and then constantly iterate to improve all aspects of your website, product, and service. When an experience is well-designed, it is the only thing your user sees. The design just works and is at the heart of the product.

    By being design-oriented in your thinking, you’ll achieve a greater level of success not only in sales but in customer satisfaction. And by driving toward even better results for you and your customer, you’ll create an experience that really does make a difference.

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