What Makes A Good Business Logo?

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What Makes A Good Business Logo?

In order for a business logo to be great there are certain features we believe they should incorporate within their design process:


Using a simple design can be the most effective solution when creating a logo. Simplicity in your logo’s design ensures it’s multiuse, whether it’s for a advert, business card or even a website’s fav icon, a simple logo will be versatile and look great regardless of its surroundings.

Furthermore, a simple logo that is branded properly will be easier to recognise. If you look at the likes of; apple, amazon, eBay, Google etc. they all use simple recognisable designs that are fit for purpose and that allow customers to recognise and remember.


Brand recognition is one of the key outcomes of a logo so ensuring that your logo’s design is unique is vital. A unique logo makes you stand out from the crowd and shows your customers that your business has a unique selling point (USP) even if your business itself is in a segregated market.

With that said to generate a completely unique logo is difficult, so creating a mood board with other business’s logo’s and using this as inspiration is a useful technique, just remember to make sure that your logo doesn’t look the same as others or you’ll blend right in to the crowd.


Your logo should be adaptable and be able to work across a variety of mediums and applications. For this reason, a logo should be designed in vector format, to ensure that it can be scaled to any size. The logo should be able to work both in horizontal and vertical formats.

In order to make your logo adaptable you should ask yourself; is a logo still effective if:

  • Printed in one colour?
  • Printed on the something the size of a postage stamp?
  • Printed on something as large as a billboard?
  • Printed in reverse (ie. light logo on dark background)
  • Timeless

    In order for a logo to be timeless you should ask yourself if the logo will still be effective in 20 years. Trends are constantly changing and it’s easy to get sucked into a trend, however you’ve got to look at your logo as a recognition tool. Think of your logo as a t-shirt, there are millions of different t-shirt designs, however as seasons and fashion changes old designs are replaced. The idea of a logo isn’t to generate a design for your t-shirt it’s to generate a style of t-shirt (ie. V neck or a vest). However, remember to make your logo design stand out from the crowd. You don’t want to be a plain white crew neck.


    A logo has to seamlessly fit your business model, it’s only when your creative thought, design and business strategy are perfectly aligned that a brand can be truly appropriate. Your logo is usually the first thing a customer will see in connection with your business and first impressions matter. If your logo doesn’t reflect your business strategy then customers will be confused, mislead and as a result of this unlikely to use your service or buy your product.

    In order to ensure your logo is appropriate you should look at your target market, identify certain characteristics of that your potential customers will have and use these as a basis for colour schemes and styling.

    Can be described

    Word of mouth has never been more influential. With the vast amount of communication methods available, sharing experiences and opinions to others has never been easier. An ideal situation is your current customers talking to potential customers and selling your product or service to them without your business doing anything and this is why we think a logo needs to be able to be described. If a customer can’t clearly define your logo or brand then they’re not only less likely to talk about it, but even if they do then if they’re unable to fully describe your logo/brand then your business will not be portrayed in the best manner, therefore decreasing the likelihood of people using your business as it’s not something they’re comfortable with.

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