What Makes A Good Facebook Landing Page?

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What Makes A Good Facebook Landing Page?

First of all, lets establish what we mean by a ‘Facebook landing page’. A Facebook landing page is the page in which a Facebook user is taken to after clicking on your Facebook ad. This page is the first impression they will have of your brand and therefore needs to appeal to the user in order for your business to gain a following.

When creating your Facebook landing page, we think following the following tips will help it be a success:

Focus on visitor intent

When designing anything it has to be fit for purpose. Therefore, the first thing you should be thinking is ‘what does the visitor of this page want to get from visiting this page?’ now that mainly depends on what your Facebook ad was. You must be consistent throughout all your campaign so use the same colour scheme and ensure that the user isn’t confused by your landing page. They’ve clicked on to your page because you’ve captured their interest by one of your ads, ensure that you follow that topic or the reason that person is on your Facebook page is gone.

Visually appealing

If you don’t appeal to them, you’re not going to get their business. It’s as simple as that. People pay for what they like, even the best products have to have great advertising in order to gain public awareness and being visually appealing can sky rocket your sales. When designing your Facebook landing page ensure that it’s easy on the eye, with eye catching points of interest.

Match images and text with ads

Your Facebook landing page is exactly what it says on the tin, the page the user lands on after they’ve clicked on your ad, ensuring their image match is crucial. In order to keep the user’s interest, they should be the same colour scheme and consistent images as the advert they have clicked on. Make sure to stay on topic and follow on from your original short and snappy advert with more detail to develop more interest from the visitor.

Show USP

Facebook over recent times have developed more and more for business, whether it being profile pages for businesses or the marketplace, there’s definitely a lot of advertising done on Facebook. With that said you must show you’re unique selling point (USP) as soon as a visitor views your page. In order to do this, think of the stand out thing about your product, service or business is and built around that.

Short contact form

Facebook is a social media website and allows users all over the world communicate via its online chat service. Although this is a way in which visitors can contact your business it’s always great to have a contact form just to ensure that if they’d like any further information you’re there to help.

User generated content

Facebook’s aim was for users to share content on their Facebook pages together. So why should a business differentiate from that? It shouldn’t. Engaging with users and posting their experiences with your brand is a great marketing effort. You could try posting a user generated photo album or have posts about customers of your product or service and their engagement.

Opt in

Opt ins are a great way to build a large database as-well as giving potential customers helpful content. An opt in is where your business gives away a free piece of information, document, image or whatever it may be in exchange for the user to ‘opt in’ and give their details to that company which they can then market to.


Giveaways are great on Facebook. Facebook is free and everybody knows it, so when users see ads telling them all they have to do in order to win a competition is like or share a page on Facebook then a lot of them will and why not? It takes minimal time and effort and depending on what you’re giving away then the interest generated is limitless.

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