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Social Media Cover Photo Design

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Our Package will give you a unique cover photo fitting with your personal brand. Make sure that potential customers are visually impressed by your professional looking cover photo. You can include such things as your slogan, contact details or an ad to make the most of your space.

Eye Catching Design

A design to ensure your business message stands out

Different Dimensions

Sent in the correct dimensions for Faceboook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+

Cheap Updates

Update your design with new text for only £3.00

When somebody clicks on your social media page it's because you've enticed them with something. With our cover photo's we'll create an attractive cover photo so that when potential customers view your page, they're automatically impressed.

Graphic Feature Specification
Sizez Included Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram
Graphics Quality 300 dmi
File Type's included PDF, PNG, JPG
Revisions 3

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